Configuring actors in num3sis

One new feature recently added in num3sis is the ability to configure the actors directly in the composition space. Currently, only field actors are configurable. Mesh and volumes should be soon available. 5 nodes are available, for scalar and vector … Continued

Num3sis, a user and developer friendly platform

Num3sis framework provides a large amount of tools devoted to numerical simulation. It is dedicated to end users such as researchers or engineers but its modular design enables more advanced people to develop more quickly their own functionalities.

New composer release

The composer is the masterpiece of num3sis platform, since it allows to define the computational scenario by connecting nodes and corresponding implementations in plugins. In the numerical experiments carried out so far, some limitations have been encountered, which have motivated … Continued

Mesh adaption using CGAL

The accuracy of a solution depends strongly on the mesh used for the resolution of the state equations. Since the computations based on a uniformly refined mesh are highly expensive, local refinement strategies based on error estimation are more and … Continued